Experience Summer in the City with Fusion Saint John

Kate Ellis

Nothing marks the start of summer like the opening of the Queen’s Square Farmer’s Market.

I love to take my daughter and meeting up with friends and family there. We have a ritual of making the rounds to all the vendors after grabbing a coffee. Once we’ve done a lap or two, we can grab some food and camp out on the grass. Its such a perfect way to relax on a Sunday morning, enjoying some delicious grub and a piece of sunshine, while my daughter sprints around and screams at birds (she’s a toddler).

It’s such a perfect way to connect with some uptown businesses, spend some time outside with family, and really enjoy this oasis in the middle of the city. Once we finish up, if we’re not still reeling from the self-induced food coma, it’s so easy to hop down to one of the restaurants and enjoy a nice patio brew. So… favourite summer activity in Saint John for me has to be QSFM days!

Jen Brown

Jen’s favourite summer activity is boating on the Belleisle Bay with my fiancé, Danny and pupper, Bentley! 

Lindsay Palmer

Getting outdoors to hike on a local trail followed by a patio. We picked up the Hiking Trails of NB book and are slowly trying to check off each trail.

The Facebook group, Hiking Trails in New Brunswick is another great resource. Some of the best options around the city are:

  • Hiking the trails at Rockwood Park, followed by apps and a drink at Lily’s Café or Britt’s Rockwood
  • Grabbing a coffee and treat from Garden Grove café to enjoy at the top of Spyglass hill
  • Enjoying an easy stroll along the Harbour Passage then grabbing a table on the Boardwalk
  • If you’re up for a bit more of a drive, there is the Split Rock Trail in Lepreau and Myrtle’s in Maces Bay is a hidden gem with delicious pizza and donairs.
  • Next on our list is William’s Trail at the Cape Spencer Lighthouse

Laura Oland

One of Laura’s favourite activities in Saint John during the summer is a visit TimberTop Adventures in Dominion park! TimberTop Adventures is a treetop aerial adventure park that has 12 different courses and over 115 ziplines and challenges. There are courses for everyone, from easier obstacles to tricky courses, that require more strength and determination! The courses are all provided a rating, so you are aware what challenge you are getting yourself into. The courses range from more simple yellow squares, to a triple black diamond (I personally have yet to get past the “Oh Deer” black diamond course). But regardless of the course you choose, the park is so much fun. A neat fact about Timber Tops is that it is a part of Stonehammer, the first UNESCO Geopark in North America! 

TimberTop Adventures is located at 730 Dominion Park Road, and is open for the season.

Nicole Vair

There are so many things Nicole enjoys about summer in greater Saint John. One activity that has become a regular weekend occurrence are walks to Moosehead Small Batch along Harbour Passage from Uptown.

It’s 5 kilometres each way so you work up your thirst and get to enjoy a cold brew at the destination.

You can find Nicole, her pup, Frankie and partner, Geoff enjoying this stroll on a Saturday in the city.

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